Saints Row IV

Saints Row IV

Save the world from an alien invasion in this action-packed game
3.7  (11 votes)
License type: Shareware

When an alien invasion is about to begin, only one man can stop it: nothing less than the President of the United States himself. Of course, he must choose a cabinet that can be up to the task, so he needs to surround himself with people that can help him to fight those hostile aliens.

This can appear like an interesting premise for a game. In fact, the trailers and screenshots featured on the Steam site are amazing, full of action, explosions, weapons, beautiful girls, fast cars, and everything else a hardcore gamer can desire.

Nevertheless, after downloading the shareware file, which is really massive and takes a while to download, you discover that the only thing you can do is create and customize your character, upload it to your account (that must be created previously), and that's it. There is not a Help file to tell you how to actually play the game, nor an option to do so on the main screen. After exploring the shareware version for a while without any avail, I got bored and closed the game. I don't understand why the developers don't allow you to play at least some minutes to test the game and decide if you want to purchase it or not. Download the shareware version at your own risk.

Please take into account that to download and play the game, you need the Steam platform installed in your system, If you don't have it, the installation wizard will guide you to download and install it. Of course, the downloading process will take longer, so be warned.

Victor Hernandez
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  • The game has great graphics
  • You can fully gustomize your character
  • The cost is affordable


  • The installation file is huge and takes a while to download
  • The shareware version only lets you customize your character, but not to play the actual game
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